It's Ok To Cry

It’s ok to have a good cry. Actually, it’s good for you to have a cry. It’s ok to cry in front of other people. There is nothing wrong with expressing emotion. We all have them and we shouldn’t feel embarrassed for expressing them.


We would never hide our happy emotions, like smiling or laughing would we? So why do we feel so ashamed or weak to cry? Maybe it’s because there’s this universal expectation that we need to be happy all the time. We can feel embarrassed or weak for crying in front of others because we are showing a vulnerable side of us and we are afraid of what people will think of us. To be strong, we think we have to look like we have it all together all the time, when really that’s not true. Being vulnerable in front others can show strength. It shows you are not afraid of judgements and you are ready to receive help and comfort.


Crying is cleansing and therapeutic. It releases built up tension and emotions that just needs to be let out, so cry it out. Some people really enjoy the feeling of crying. According to health line, it actually releases endorphins. These feel-good chemicals can help ease physical and emotional pain. Crying also activates the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which helps your body rest and digest. So crying can actually be a good thing. It’s not all bad to have a good cry.


When I was having a hard time, I remember crying on a daily basis, and for a while, I hated crying in front of others. I felt embarrassed and extremely vulnerable. At times, it did feel good to cry, but most of the time I would feel exhausted and drained. Being teary all the time is a sign that you might have depression, so if you find yourself crying more than usual, talk to someone about it, and I really recommend going to the doctor for further treatment. I had depression and got treatment. I saw a psychiatrist and a psychologist and I think I cried at all of my appointments. It became normal for me to cry, but it wasn’t until I learnt about what I was feeling with the dp/dr and began to delve into personal development when I realised it is ok to cry.


I began to feel ok with crying and came to the realisation that it was just an expression of an emotion. I stopped feeling sorry for myself whenever I cried and just accepted that that was what I needed at the time. I remember telling my parents when I was making progress that I was ok, even when I was sobbing. I told them that this is just an emotion I needed to express and process and for them not to worry. When you see someone crying, you go to comfort them right? You want to support them because they look like they are hurting. Most of the time this is what a crying person needs. They need to be comforted because they are in pain, but sometimes people hate comfort in these situations, and that’s ok too. Some people want to cry in private, by themselves and that’s what they need. Just because someone is crying, doesn’t mean you have to smother them with love. Sometimes they just need some space, but it is important to make sure that they are ok mentally and to just be there to listen.


I haven’t cried for a while and that’s ok too. It means I’m doing really well. I don’t have any built up emotions I’m bottling up and I’m feeling good. It’s also ok not to cry. It just means you are dead on the inside… I’m joking. But seriously you never cry? Do you have a heart? Joking again. Some people are just less emotional than others and that ok. Funny story. Not really, but when I was at the end of getting off my antidepressants, I suddenly became very emotional at the smallest of things. I would tear up immediately when I saw heart-warming things like people hugging and songs and even TV commercials haha. It was like an overwhelming wave of emotion had hit me as the medication was probably numbing them for a while. I just found it funny because I would just start crying while watching TV or a movie and think ‘why am I crying at this.’ Also a good happy cry is always great. I have to say, I prefer happy tears, DUH! Like when someone writes you a really nice card and you feel all warm and fuzzy, or when you see acts of kindness and it makes you feel really good knowing there are so many good people out there. Ooh that reminds me, if you have Instagram, you have to follow @tanksgoodnews. He shares good news only! It really is the best!

Anyway, my main take away here is to not be ashamed, weak or embarrassed to cry. It’s important to let it out. It’s just an expression of an emotion that is natural. Just as natural as a big belly laugh.

Cry it out my friends!


With love,

Millie xx