Stream of Consciousness

I haven’t really felt inspired to share anything in particular on here for a few weeks but today, I thought I would just write about some stuff that has been on my mind that I wanted to share with you. So stick with me while I ramble my thoughts to you. 



Only goal is to be happy

I read this quote the other day, “My only goal in life right now is to be happy. Genuinely, intensely and consistently happy. Regardless of what that looks like to others.” and it got me thinking about what I’m prioritising at the moment. Am I prioritising my happiness? My relationships? How I’m going to get money? Stressing about what I’m doing with my life right now? Am I setting goals to be happy or for things that I think I should be doing? I have learned a lot about the importance of looking after my mental health and striving to be happy, but I guess I can lose a sense of the bigger picture and forget that striving to be happy should always be my number one goal. I’m going to work harder on being happy because I know that it obviously makes me feel a million times better.


Surrounding yourself with uplifting people

I’m extremely lucky to be surrounded by loving and supportive people. I love my family and my friends and I notice the impact those people have on me. I’m surrounded by love and encouragement and that uplifts me. I can definitely see how negative and toxic relationships can impact your mood and make you feel flat. These relationships can impact the person you are. I often see quotes like this, 'I become more like the people I spend the most time with.' This means if you surround yourself with people who lift you up, make you laugh, challenge you and make you better, you will see the effects this has on you in a positive way. Choose the people you want to be around and don’t be afraid to stop hanging out with people who don’t see your worth or are negative. You have the choice to surround yourself with the positive and uplifting people and you can also be that person who uplifts and encourages others.


Setting goals and working hard

Wanting something and setting goals is the first step to achieving them, but you have to work hard and put in the effort to see the results you want. An Instagram account I’m following recently posted about this and he talked about three principles that would help you achieve your goals. His account is @peterjbone and he also has another incredibly inspiring account @achievetheimpossible which you should definitely go follow. He talked about passion, faith, and hard work. “1. PASSION – know your why… 2. FAITH – believe in the power of your potential… 3. HARD WORK - Turns those dreams into reality.” His words are so much better than mine so I’m just going to quote him about hard work. “You can have all the passion and faith in the world, but if you’re not prepared to put your foot on the accelerator and start moving forward, you’re never going to get to your destination.” This really spoke to me because we can often get too caught up with thinking and dreaming about our goals and forget about the hard work we have to put in. This work doesn’t have to be overwhelming, but by just putting one foot in front of the other and by consistently working hard, you will reach your goal. Thanks for the inspiration Pete!



Being open to new things and experiences

I’ve recently been trying new things and experiences. I’ve also met new people and formed new friendships in the last few months which has been amazing. Being open to new things and following your instincts can be incredible and can lead you to some beautiful new experiences. I’ve gained new interests over the last year and only recently decided to go out and explore these interests and try new things. I haven’t done a lot, but from what I have done and from the people I’ve met, it’s had an incredible impact on me. I’m following my heart and reaching out and it feels good. Trying new things and experiencing new things is so refreshing and exciting, no matter what it is, I highly recommend just going for it.


Well, there you have it. My random/all over the place thoughts for you. I hope you have a lovely weekend.


Also, I recently did a podcast with Luke from which you can check out here! Just a little chit chat about my experience so far and some future dreams of mine. Cringed a little while listening to my own voice, but I would love for you to go give it a listen.


With love,

Millie xx